This page is Dedicated to the Memory of Sylvia Cole... my Nana

Me and my Nana


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Sylvia Cole with grandson Richard Cole Sylvia Cole with grandson Robert Cole Sylvia Cole as a young girl. Sylvia Cole in Europe 1975 Sylvia Cole 1975

Here is a link to Nana's autobiography:

Here is a recording of Nana reading some of her poems and stories about her early childhood (there are some long pauses in this recording):


Nana LOVED poetry and could recite it from memory all day long (to my admitted dismay as a child).  Here is a recording she made that she titled, "A Gallery of Poems: Portraits in Poetry"



Nana and her second husband, Abe Lass, appeared regularly on WNYC's "Senior Addition."  Here are a few episodes that I was able to copy from old cassette tapes.

This first episode was Nana's first appearance on WNYC and it was for Valentine's Day and it was one of her favroites that she and Abe would listen to again and again.



This is a recording that Nana made for family and friends entitled "Words and Music in a Low Note."  I believe it was recorded in 1976.